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Languedoc AOC

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Appellation area

The Languedoc appellation covers 3 départements (or regions) accounting for 22,000 hectares of planted vines. It affects 168 villages spread across the Mediterranean coast, from Narbonne in the west to the borders of the Camargue in the east and is set against a backdrop of the Montagne Noire and the Cévennes mountains. The appellation also includes 2,000 local producers, 80 wine cooperatives and 450 independent wine cellars. Part of what makes this appellation area unique is the diversity of its terroirs , which has led to the creation of a Languedoc hierarchy.


Languedoc offers a great variety of soils which vary depending on the situation and include terraces of round pebbles, sandstone and marl, clay soil, pudding stone, sandy soil, etc. It is this varied geology that gives Languedoc terroirs all their special characteristics.


The climate is Mediterranean in style, with summers that are very hot and dry, while the autumn and spring are mild, although April can bring some unexpected frost. In the winter, temperatures rarely fall below 0 °C. Rainfall is scarce and the ever-present Tramontane wind helps ward off disease. These are ideal winemaking conditions.


Average production is estimated at 400,000 hectolitres (78% red, 10% rosé, 12% white)


Languedoc AOC red wine boasts a vivid, intense colour and characteristic aromas of the Mediterranean region. It reveals notes of ripe red fruit, spices and garrigue herbs. On the palate it offers a fine and elegant tannin structure, intense aromas and a characteristic roundness.

The rosé wines have aromas of fresh fruits and are well-balanced as well as fresh.

Languedoc white wines have a pale, crisp yellow colour with aromas of white flowers (peach, almond) and fruit (e.g. citrus fruits, pear)

Wine pairings

Reds: grilled meat, red meat, medium-strength cheeses.

Rosés: cured meats, white meat.

Whites: cooked fish in sauce.


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