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Minervois AOC



Appellation area

The Minervois appellation area is marked out by the Canal du Midi to the south, and the Montagne Noire to the north, covering an area of 4,289 ha that runs from the heights of Narbonne to the borders of Carcassonne. Altitude can range from 50 metres along the Canal du Midi up to 500 metres at the first mountain foothills. Production is in the region of 124,000 hl per year.

The Minervois appellation d’origine contrôlée area covers 45 towns in the Aude département (or region) and 16 towns in the Hérault département .


Minervois appellation contrôlée wines are produced from fairly dry soils on marl and sandstone dating from the Late Eocene period.


The climate is Mediterranean in style, with summers that are hot and dry, and heavy rainfall in the autumn and spring. A dry wind, known as the Tramontane or Cers wind, blusters through the appellation area two hundred days a year. In the autumn and spring, a marine wind (the Marin) picks up, bringing with it humidity and rain.


Red wine represents 92% of production, while rosé wine accounts for 6% of total volume.


The young red wines have aromas of cassis, violet, cinnamon and vanilla. The more mature red wines have developed notes of leather and candied fruit.

Wine pairings:

Reds: red meat, mild-flavoured cheeses.

Rosés: grilled meat, cured meats.

Whites: shellfish, seafood, goat’s cheese.



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