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Babeau-bouldoux - maison de village

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Babeau-Bouldoux is hidden from view among the hills and vineyards bordering the Illouvre and Vernazobres rivers, just 5 km from Saint Chinian in the direction of Saint Pons-de-Thomières. To reach this charming wine-growing village, stroll across the small roads that wind through the heart of the vineyards, where schist soils and sunshine create the ideal conditions for Saint-Chinian appellation vintages. You can’t fail to be seduced by the sheer array of vineyards, all more than happy to welcome you in for a tasting session. Regardless of whether you come by bike, car, horse, foot or a Citroën 2CV, you’re sure to appreciate the sense of peace and the flavours and freshness the area has to offer.

Strolling around the heart of the village, you will come across the Notre Dame de l’Assomption church, which was built in 1772. It replaced the Notre Dame des Aires chapel which stood where the current cemetery now lies.

Babeau-Bouldoux offers top-quality  accommodation and a wealth of opportunities for exploring the surrounding area during your stay.

Love nature and secluded little towns? Try taking the footpath to the old hamlet of Cauduro, which will delight you with its tiny chapel and breathtaking views over the plain of Languedoc and the Mediterranean. The road that passes through the small valley of Malibert to reach the source of the Cauduro also offers an impressive sight. Sportier types can explore the countryside via mountain bike by choosing from two signposted routes – one that is 7 km long (no.17 “Babeau – Saint Laurent” - 90m D+ (elevation)) and another that spans 14 km (no.14 “Babeau – Cauduro” -600m D+ (elevation)) starting from the village car park.

Don’t miss:

  •    The impressive panoramic views from the hamlet of Cauduro
  •    The source and banks of the Vernazobres
  •    Strolling through the vineyards
  •    A Saint-Chinian appellation wine-tasting session
  •    The no.17 “Babeau – Saint Laurent” (7 km) and no.14 “Babeau – Cauduro” (14 km) mountain biking routes


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