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Château Castigno (Assignan)

Village Castigno - 34360 Assignan

In the middle of vineyards that seem like a garden out of antiquity, with its dry stone walls, its twisted vines ...  Rediscover images of the past and the history of our terroir.
Our terroir is part of the appellation Saint-Chinian , to which Marc Verstraete, wine-maker- is very much attached. In Assignan  discover this unique domaine, an authentic place where you can also explore the Village Castigno. 

Castigno vineyards, labeled " vignobles et découvertes", is in a very specific micro-climate, between woods and rocks, between truffle oaks and dense guarrigue.

At the heart of a wild and perfectly preserved nature, the vineyards draw their aromatic concentrate, their specifity and their richness.
The vineyards are sometimes fighting against srong winds and torrential rains, against the cold or stifling heat, sometimes enjoying mediterranean peace, and it's this fight that give them their character.

Both a soothing and violent place, a wild area, a place where you can find the Château de Castigno, truly historical remnant. Property of the Order of the Knights of Malta until the French Revolution,, the oldest stones of the castle were erected by the Templars.
An original landscape. Paradise found.

Our domaine produces AOC Saint-Chinian wines, and vins de Pays d'Hérault

Group visits, seminars, nomad cooking, tapas bar, gourmet restaurant, thai cuisine, discover village Castigno's other pleasures.


Label : Abgriculture Biologique, Vignobles et découvertes, Ecocert

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