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Les Canalous ()

Port de Plaisance 34440 Colombiers Hérault

Do you feel like an original, stress free holiday ? Become the captain of a Canalous boat, for a lovely stay along the  Canal du Midi. It's easy, and you don't even need a licence ! From the most basic to the most comfortable of boats, from 0 to 5 cabins, accomodating from 2 to 12 people, there is no doubt you will find the boat for you. Orignial, relaxing and a great change of scenery !

Hop aboard one of our houseboats and discover the Canal du Midi in a different way. Surprising heritage, and preserved nature will unfold right before your eyes as you navigate the Canal. Les Canalous welcome you in various bases on the Canal du Midi : Agde, Colombiers, Homps and Carcassonne to rent a houseboat and enjoy a cruise over several days.

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