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Domaine Moulinier (Pierrerue)

- 34360 Pierrerue

The Domaine Moulinier estate is nestled at the top of the Pierrerue  hillside, right at the heart of the appellation Saint Chinian label's territory. Here, Stephane Moulinier cultivates, using sustainable methods, Syrah, Grenache and Viognier varieties in order to elaborate AOC Saint Chinian wines. The domaine also counts 1000 olive trees, thus explaining its name (in Occitan language, “le Moulinier”is the person who makes the olive oil) the olive oil they produce are made from local varieties.

Located at the heart of the Languedoc Roussilon, 1 km away from the village of Saint-Chinian, the Domaine Moulinier is spread over 40 ha.
The estate is fragmented in several plots, nestled at the top of the foothills in Pierrerue.

Stéphane Moulinier, winemaker, and his team, grow their vineyards using sustainable wine making techniques, using Syrah, Grenache and Viognier to elaborate red, rosé and white wines. The domaine Moulinier carries the label Vignobles & découvertes.

The estate also has a 5 hectare olive grove, mostly varieties native to the region, such as the Olivière and the Verdale de l’Hérault.

« There can be no notion of terroir without people » G. Moulinier.
The Domaine Moulinier is a perfect example of this statement. Here, the winemakers are proud of being from Languedoc, their character is modelled by the hard work of the land and rugby.


Label : Sud de France, Vignobles et découverte

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